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Please keep the existing leading zeros on the track numbers, so the list will sort properly: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 etc not 1,10,11,2 etc

Created October 11, 2019

I have an ipod classic that I formatted (now empty). I would like to add my itunes library to it. I can't figure it out.

Created October 6, 2021

The playlist is not saved. The music cover art seems to be randomly selected.

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Created May 11, 2019
Created August 20, 2022

What I mean is this: If I click on "Title" on top of a list, it sorts the songs alphabetically, kind of... For example, I now find a song that starts with "A" under "C", even though it was the first song on the list before sorting the list. Also, if after you had sorted the list, you add more songs, they appear on the bottom of the list and cannot be manually dragged to the correct place in the list. They just snapp back to the previouis position. There is definitely something not right with the list sorting procedure.

The ideal would be, that after you moved songs on a list, they either automatically 'assume' the correct alphabetucal position, or the list can reliably be sorted by clicking on "Title" on top of the list. Can you make this happen? We'd all appreciate it very much! :)

Created May 13, 2019

I have attempted multiple time to use with new phone and was unable to use. Now I'm forced to use a different program. I'm trying to transfer music from the computer and the Copy Trans Manager does not see the phone even though the computer sees it.

Created May 31, 2022

I have been given an iPad for work. Don't like them, don't need them and don't have an iTunes account or ANY desire to install their software. My understanding from what I read online is CopyTrans will allow me to connect and transfer some of my MP3's to this iPad. I have installed Apple Device Support drivers as well as CopyTrans Manager and connected to my USB. I select the "Trust Device" option when prompted but only get errors when connecting. Reconnecting or restarting the iPad OR CopyTrans software does nothing, same result... Just errors... Maybe the problem is iOS 12.3 but either way, the CopyTrans software does nothing...

Created May 14, 2019

I would like to put my playlists in Alphabetical Order, but it is not showing up in my phone that way. I cannot even edit my created playlists on CopyTrans Manager. Please help

Created February 4, 2021

No ideas right now, just wanted you to know that this app works great for me and I thank you for it!

Created February 6, 2021
Created November 9, 2018

For some reason I try adding album artwork to an album and instead of updating my iPhone with the file I selected, the software updates the phone with another album cover, seemingly at random. Please fix this issue.

Created February 8, 2021

All of my music are in MP3 format, about 100 Gb of MP3 music stored in External HDD. I was hoping that I can sort them in Library like in iTune.

All I can do is creating a new Playlist for every album. So I have a Playlist with many many names, and is not in sequence. Hence I am very reluctant to purchase this programme.

Created November 10, 2018

Just want to thank you for a great product. Beats the @#$% out of iTunes...

Created February 12, 2021

All the mp3 files i currently try to transfer from CopyTrans to Iphone gives them a 0:00 time duration, so they cannot be played.

Created October 12, 2021

Bonjour / Bonsoir.

Votre site web est en français mais cette langue n'est pas disponible pour la version V4.100?

Created February 22, 2020

Hi, I have a big library and a small iPod, I want to sync random song into the device, not full albums or even a full discography for artists between A and C. Just that, thank you!

Created January 9, 2024

As of now, you have to go to ITunes for that

Created May 26, 2019