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to liste my tracks on my iphone its has been stuck to 42% and has not mooved fix this please

Created April 25, 2019

the name on mp3 be like this on the phone


is that some thing you can add in feature ?

Created July 11, 2020

Installed your program, CopyTransManager, plugged my iPod in, your program says needs drivers (even though Windows 10 says that iPod was recognised). Ran your driver installer. Your program still says needs drivers. Crap, I will go back to iTunes

Created January 15, 2021

I have been using your manager for a long time, but i find it hurts my eyes trying to read your fient writing with the white background. i am partially sighted which also does not help, so please please can you make it so we have a dark background instead of the glaring white !!!

Created October 30, 2022
Created May 1, 2019

You need to Update CopyTrans for iOS 15. It's sluggish and barely able to read, transfer and drag n drop files in the iPhone 13 models.

Created September 24, 2021

I have just used you manager after installing your latest update, and fingers crossed my artwork does not now seem to be muddled as it was before.

As someone who is partially sighted find your whole screen so glaring and bright to use, with the white background and the feint writing it really is a strain to see and do what i want.  Could you please not do say a dark version or skin ? which won't wreck what’s left of my eyesight.


Created October 31, 2022

can you save a playlist to transfer to a new iphone?

Created September 26, 2021

I'm trying to compare the song lists in multiple devices and I think it would be easier in Excel. Is there a way to get the list of songs out of the iThing into Excel?

Created May 4, 2019

I'm a 1st time user and the install went well on my Win10Pro laptop. Next I selected a prepared folder of music and clicked "+ADD" for about 900 mb of files to be added to my old iPod Shuffle 2nd gen. After seeing the files added to the program windows very quickly (too quickly in my experience to have been a real copy of the files to the iPod), there was no confirmation of completion. Suspecting files hadn't in fact been copied, I went to the iPod folder and saw no files on drive. So, the "+ADD" button is only for selecting files, not selecting and copying, as some programs of this type might do. With the "UPDATE" button far to the left, it appears disconnected to the add/copy function. Normally, logic for a program process "update" in this case is for rescanning a device to look for changes, not APPLYING them. I think this should be clarified by a message like: "Your files have all been selected. Click UPDATE to copy those files to the device", or some other assist to the user as to where we are in the process.

2nd item: once I figured out the update issue, the progress bar(s) began working. However, the window showed no changes or indicated what files were being or had been worked on. A common way of doing this is for the file in process to be highlighted, the file to be named, a blinker next to the file or some other indication or combination of them. Further, files that have been completed often change to another color, either by font color change or by a line highlight that stays activated though the rest of the copy process. EAC's (Exact Audio Copy) progress indicator is a good example of this. I haven't yet uncovered a setting to do this. Further, if the user wished for some reason to terminate the process early (time crunch, change of mind about the playlist, etc....), this would allow some idea of what had been done if a specific minimum work was desired without restarting the whole process and/or wasting more time. I hope you will allow this feature to add more transparency to the workings of the program.

Thank you!

Created August 16, 2022

We should be able to sort songs in a playlist by artists, song title, album title, etc. without having to manually drag each song in the playlist. It would take way too long when you have playlists that have 500+ songs

Created February 9, 2020

Please keep the existing leading zeros on the track numbers, so the list will sort properly: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 etc not 1,10,11,2 etc

Created October 11, 2019

Guys you saved us from itunes you are perfect thank you so much :).

Created October 3, 2021

I have an ipod classic that I formatted (now empty). I would like to add my itunes library to it. I can't figure it out.

Created October 6, 2021

The playlist is not saved. The music cover art seems to be randomly selected.

attached image
Created May 11, 2019
Created August 20, 2022

What I mean is this: If I click on "Title" on top of a list, it sorts the songs alphabetically, kind of... For example, I now find a song that starts with "A" under "C", even though it was the first song on the list before sorting the list. Also, if after you had sorted the list, you add more songs, they appear on the bottom of the list and cannot be manually dragged to the correct place in the list. They just snapp back to the previouis position. There is definitely something not right with the list sorting procedure.

The ideal would be, that after you moved songs on a list, they either automatically 'assume' the correct alphabetucal position, or the list can reliably be sorted by clicking on "Title" on top of the list. Can you make this happen? We'd all appreciate it very much! :)

Created May 13, 2019

I have attempted multiple time to use with new phone and was unable to use. Now I'm forced to use a different program. I'm trying to transfer music from the computer and the Copy Trans Manager does not see the phone even though the computer sees it.

Created May 31, 2022