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Dark Mode would be helpful. All of the white is hard on the eyes.

Created April 9, 2023

After the last update, it stopped working altogether. Before that, it worked when it felt like it. How about making it so it works every time, if you can be bothered?

Created August 30, 2021

It says I can move music from my PC to my iPhone. BUT, the only thing that pops up is my iPhone music. NO PC STUFF. Not liking this program

Created January 20, 2023

Thanks for making such an application . It's too good. And again thanks

Created January 3, 2021

iTunes allowed copying playlists created on your PC to be copied to your ios device. I would like to be able to save a playlist created on one ios device to my PC in order to copy it to another one. I followed the instructions online but unable to do this.

Created January 4, 2021

I have 28gb of storage available on my iPhone but copy trans manager only shows 1.5gb free. Please help to fix this problem.

Created May 18, 2022
Created January 21, 2023

When I found CopyTrans a few years ago I was ecstatic, finally I could dump Itunes. However your latest updates have me confused, I seem to be in a circle going round and round. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of ITunes, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the latest CopyTrans and I keep getting the same Popup saying it needs the the full version of IOS5. Help please! 

Created February 11, 2022

I LOVE this software for my iPod Classic! Would it be possible to allow arranging the order of tracks? Some albums import with tracks out of sequence.

Created September 2, 2021

transfer feature to iPhone player is not user friendly

Created November 6, 2018

 In het copyTransManager programma kan ik nieuwe nummers invoeren en of bijwerken als de artiest ontbreekt. In de IPOD zelf blijkt dat niet alle veranderingen worden overgenomen.

Soms geeft het programma ook aan dat door een onbekende fout het uploaden niet lukt.

Maar probeer ik het nog eens dan lukt het wel, alhoewel als ik dan later op de IPOD zelf kijk ik de oude revisie zie staan (dus artiesten ontbreken en of niet bijgewerkte info. Het lijkt wel of het uploaden van uit het programma naar de IPOD mislukt. Sluit ik de IPOD weer aan op de PC en maak verbinding met het copyTransManager dan zie ik dat weer de juiste revisie van nummers en artiesten.

Created February 12, 2022


J'utilise mon vieux 4s comme iPod, je voudrait pouvoir mettre ma musique avec copytrans hélas le programme ne le détecte pas ou plus prcisément demade l'instalation des drivers iOS ce que j'ai fait, redémarrage du pc, instal d'iTunes ... désinstal de "Manager et instal d'une ancienne version, rien n'y fait je suis descendu à la version de 2011

y a-t-il une solution?

Created September 6, 2021

I love this programm, I have been useing it for yearsm but now i have a terrible problem, now when i add music my ipod classic dont recogninize the music <8recognize ass others) and <i have to fo to itune tu recover it so delete all the music.I only can add music with itunes now and I love copytrans. PLEASE HELP

Created February 13, 2022

I have an iPod photo genration 4 classic. My copytrans software is up to date as of today. When I add music from files on my computer they start being deleted instead of added as the update progresses..

Created February 2, 2020

This is ridiculous. I just opened the program and since Ringtones are the only things on my iPhone right now, Copy Trans assumes EVERYTHING I put in is a ringtone. There are no instructions that I can find for creating a new category and dragging my music into it from my computer.

Created January 24, 2023

I'm talking about the fact, that your program, when fully open, won't allow to scroll down to get the base line menu to come up, so you can click on another open file (ie. Windows Explorer). You have to diminish your program window to do that.

Created March 1, 2019

I'd like to endorse CopyTrans (it's fantastic) but I'm not on Twitter (I'm not a Twit) and I only use Facebook sparingly for immediate family. What other mechanism do you provide for endorsements?

Created January 12, 2021

Sometimes when you add a new selection of tracks into a playlist in Copy Trans Manager they aren't added in the same order they were in the original folder - sometimes the order is important. It would be great if you could sort a playlist (say by track number) and then be able to reset the Pos number to reflect the current order of the playlist. That way when its uploaded to iphone it plays everything correctly.

Created May 24, 2022

That is fine unless you are replacing many playlists, then you have to click Yes many times. Can you have a Yes To All button added?

Created July 7, 2020

I added an entire album to my phone and set the artworks correctly, however one of them has the wrong artwork. So I went to edit that song and changed it to the correct artwork, then updated again. But the artwork stays as the wrong one and won't change no matter how many times I try. I've tried restarting my phone, restarting copytrans, deleting and readding the song to my phone, but nothing works! Its so frustrating that it won't change to the right artwork. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!!!!

Created January 14, 2021