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give us update to ios 13

Created June 13, 2019

My iPhone fell asleep while I was away from my desk. When I returned I turned my phone back on but copytrans manager does not recognize it anymore. I uninstalled the program. I went back on the internet to redownload it. Although, I'm still having that problem! Please help!

Created September 9, 2022

When adding multiple files at once, if the thing runs out of space this pops up CONSTANTLY. Needs to be an "Accept All" button

Created June 14, 2019

Not sure when it stopped working, but on both my previous phone, and current phone, songs I delete suddenly reappear in my music library. Would be pretty cool if they could stay deleted...

Created November 30, 2021

be good when on albums that you can arrange the tracks by clicking on them and dragging up or down the list

Created April 4, 2022

I don't want to create a playlist when I add most of my tracks. Would like to add lots of music and just play based on album or artist.

Created June 16, 2019

Can't synch iPod Shuffle players. My 4th generation units are never recognized by the software!

Created November 30, 2022

Fix the bug, please. I've installed, re-installed, and re-re-installed, but can't get CopyTrans Manager to work again. It worked on Saturday, then never again. Keeps saying I need to install latest version of CopyTrans Manager, but I have. I'm using without iTunes, and have installed and re-installed the drivers several times. Very frustrating!

Created April 7, 2020

How come the new added songs go to bottom in iPhone songs?

Created April 12, 2021

These 3 things can be done in even old e.g. 2015 or older iTunes but not in CopyTrans. Two can be done in older free SharePod. All are really essential for listening to e.g. podcasts/speech files.

Add ability to set:

(i) Type (e.g. Audiobook) and

(ii) Remember position

- can both be set in SharePod 3.9.9 but seemingly not in Copytrans Manager;

(iii) specify volume level for one or more tracks - can be set in iTunes but it seems, not in either SharePod or in Copytrans Manager.

iTunes has been a major headache in Windows 10 so will resort to using it under Windows 7 which works fine and maybe try a Linux alternative when dual-boot instal is done of e.g. Ubuntu Mate.

Created September 11, 2022


Created April 11, 2020

Since the update, every time I try to save new songs onto my iPod, once I click 'Update', it deletes whatever I added as if I never did anything at all, so I can't add anything new into the iPod. What is going on?

Created December 4, 2022

It says on copytrans that I have all the songs in each playlist but when I disconnect my ipod, the ipod says only like half of the songs are in the playlists even though the ipod also says it has the same amount of songs as copytrans says, only I can't find the newly added ones. Please help?

Created April 6, 2022

Hello, When I click and drag new tracks and select update an error message is popping up saying "An error occurred while managing the iPod library - Error while computing Ipod library code - Bad sn" How do I fix this?

Created April 6, 2022

Have been using the program for years but for some reason the music manager doesn't display the music on my iphone anymore. It does seem to register the phone though. Re-installing the program hasn't helped.

Created December 5, 2022

I have an Iphone 8 with latest IOS. When I upload the ringtone, it plays the correct music in Copytrans. When I play it on my iphone, it is a default iphone ringtone and not the actual sound.

Created November 25, 2019