More advanced settings.

Would it be possible to allow modifying the colours of the application's screens.

The 'Whiteness' of CopyTransManager is sooooo white!

Many years ago I purchased the full suite of your apps and they had options in the advanced settings to customise the colours of various elements of the application interfaces (My versions date from 2009, placed onto a Windows XP machine.) which I greatly appreciated as I hate staring into what is effectively a white light bulb.

Earlier today I fired up CopyTransManager and it told me there was an update (10 years having elapsed, I kind thought there would be one. ;-) .) so I downloaded and installed it onto my iPod Classic, fired it up and... My eyes... What have you done? Windows 10 blandness abounds. Sorry but I feel that a graphical use interface that is almost totally white is defeating much of the underlying useability that colour brings to any application that is in any way more than the just simplest of apps, which CopyTransManager AND your other applications, in the main, certainly are not.

I have not used the apps for a great number of years, though I really like the added functionality they provide (I just didn't update my Apple devices at all. Did not have any need as I only had various iPods for music and I didn't have spare time to fully utilise them as I had too many work commitments and just listened to my home Hi-Fi for my music fix.). However I now also own a iPad and am considering purchasing the new iPod Touch and I would prefer to avoid the whiteness if at all possible while managing these devices.

I don't feel that there is a great need to once more allow specifying my own fonts, as that was an option that you used to provide as well and I understand that you may wish to simplify you applications, but the title bar and application's window colours should be user definable... to easily distinguish the program and also indicate (Via the title bar.) a safe place to click to bring the program to the front of the screen without clicking into the main work area and thereby losing any set cursor focus that I had left in the program (I have Windows 10 set to use a distinct title bar colour for all programs but CopyTransManager does not follow the rules on this issue. ;-( ).

I would like to be able to have Black text in the main. Grey is, in my humble opinion, just a tad silly as black is much more distinct and does not clash, if that is what you are trying to avoid by using grey to such a large extent, with any colour (White and Black do not clash with any other colour ~ Plain colour theory! {Sorry, I have a print background.}). I appreciated the alternating line colour scheme I used to have and also being able to have different elements of the program set to different colours to highlight when I am in a different part of the program. The highlight and selection bars would also fall into the area that a good colour combination would benefit from (2x distinct colours needed here.).

Though this request is made after just opening, and not even using, CopyTransManager, if this whiteness extends to your other applications also, then I request that all of them be updated to allow modifications to their colour schemes as well.

I used to be able to set in the advanced settings area, wether the programs opened full screen or not and this would also be useful.

One thing that I have noticed is that column sizings do not persist between sessions and this I feel is a flaw that definitely needs rectification as I almost always readjust my settings to the same widths so that I can read all displayable information in full.

Sorry for the long post but I feel that many other users would appreciate the changes that I have requested as there are many comments floating around the web regarding the blandness of Windows 10 and my suggestions would greatly aleviate many of this operating systems shortcoming in this regard without bloating or overly complicating your software, yet greatly increase it's user friendliness.

On a slightly tangential note, both versions of CopyTransManager that I ran today are installable onto the Apple devices I use them with and I am wondering if your application, CopyTransApps, is also able to be installed onto the devices that it would be used from. I looked around your website today and could not find this information for either program and it might assist new users to know this information before they evaluate your applications.

Thank you for your consideration and for your programs that allow me to totally bypass iTunes, as it has a major flaw in that it interupts whatever I am doing within it whever a song finishes (Just to tell me it's now playing... XYZ.) even while I am in the middle of doing some editing, thus losing all my work. Grrrrr! Apple is not a software company so what can you expect I suppose (OK they make software... But; As their major Windows offering, iTunes sucks! And this is not a good signpost for whatever may lurk within a Mac, nicely designed though their products are.).

Yours Sincerely [A very happy CopyTransControlCenter user ~ The 5th program I paid for, and worth every cent.],


P.S: Thank you SO much for a decent sized comment box (Come on Microsoft, lift your game ~ They provide a tiny box that is about 1/25th of my total screen real estate... It is the 21st Century after all. Their, and other sites also, annoyingly small comment box is agonising to use and is a pet peave of mine.).

Created May 31, 2019

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