Make the DELETE key work when editing playlist names... (why wasn't this fixed YEARS ago....?)

When desiring to delete letters in a Playlist's name, one is forced to use the backspace key, because the Delete key does not work in CopyTrans Editor.

No matter how many times one edits their Playlists, they always hit the Delete key on their keyboard when desiring to delete a character, only to find it is totally inoperative, dead, and won't do a danged thing. Sometimes, unsure as to whether they pressed it hard enough or not, they press the delete key repeatedly, only to find CopyTrans refuses to respond, no matter how many times they press the key. This is at first concerning, and then it becomes frustrating, and then it becomes angering, until one finally realizes that they must seek an alternative way to get CopyTrans to respond, and to get it to allow them to finally delete the character and continue on with their editing.

There are two ways that a user of CopyTrans has available to them that will eventually be thought of and found to work. The first is to take their hands off of the keyboard and to grab their mouse, and to manually highlight the letters they wish to delete. If this is a single character, it can be difficult to maneuver the mouse so precisely as to highlight one individual character, and may itself be a bit frustrating, but once they do, they can then press the desired letter to replace it, and then continue on, placing both hands once again on their keyboard to continue editing. This must be done every single time a letter is found to be mistyped or for some other reason needs to be changed.

The other way of deleting characters is to locate the "backspace" key on their keyboard. This is not a commonly used key, and can be difficult to locate for some users, especially if they are using their computer in a darkened room by the monitor light. But again, it does work, and once the cursor is moved AFTER the character, which is not where it normally needs to be to delete a character and requires and additional step and extra effort to be made, the backspace key can then be pressed to delete the character and then to finally be able to get on with editing.

Both of these methods which do work are tedious, and both require extra effort, and both are discovered to be necessary only AFTER the delete button is pressed, every single time it is pressed, when using CopyTrans Manager, and the resulting concern, frustration, worry, anger, etc. is experienced...

This, again, has been the case ever since the very first time I ever used CopyTrans Manager, which as been perhaps 10 years now, and something which has never been addressed or fixed, and is an item that makes using CopyTrans Manager difficult and frustrating to use when editing and maintaining ones Playlists.

So, getting the Delete button fixed so it can be used to edit characters would be a most welcomed improvement.

Thanks...! ;-)

Created March 21, 2019

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