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Hi, There is no ringtone part. I downloaded this program to make ringtones easyly but it is not contain

Created August 8, 2019
Created May 25, 2020

iphone 7,8,9,10 test and it works to copy trans music but not for ipone 13.pc finds my phone but copy trans say error

Created October 1, 2022

This option will be helpful to find lost records

Created January 9, 2020

Need an option to copy the albums in their entirety regardless if a tracks exists in a different album, the albums copied need to be complete. Not with various tracks missing because they exist somewhere else thanks

Created July 19, 2022

Im not sure if its a copytrans problem or a steve jobs shoving massive amounts of cock in his mouth in hell problem but mp3 tracks keep displaying 00:00 for time when i transfer them.

Created April 29, 2022

Make the importing process quicker it takes too long even on different laptops with my i-devie which has hardly any tracks on it takes like 30 mins to load

Created November 22, 2020

Support podcasts already!!!

Created November 23, 2020
Created August 19, 2019

When I open the main view of 'CopyTrans Manager', I see a few windows to choose "Genres","Artists" and "Albums".

Please add the choice of "Composers" since I often listen to classical music.

It might be much convenient if users can choose these small windows up to his/her tastes.

Created July 11, 2021

I have had to download drivers. Reinstall Copy Trans manager. I use multiple Apple devices and what I thought was a stable version of Copy Trans becomes inoperable when I switch to another Apple device. Right now I am looking at another Warning: At the moment iTunes must be install for IOS5 full support. [I have already uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes and still NOTHING!!]. Then it says Please update to the latest version of CopyTrans and Ive DONE that too. Your software is unstable. Maybe its because you're products are tethered to the awful iTunes.

Created April 10, 2019

Win 7 64bit on i7 Notebook

No installation of iTunes (that's the idea isn't it?)

Installed Copytrans Drivers

Installed Copytrans Control Centre

Installed Copytrans Manager (through Control Centre)

Now you tell me, did I do something wrong?

Answer? No. The setup you have does not work, simple as that

Just went through the automatic driver installation again - not working - waste of my precious time

Created January 25, 2020

I have an older iPod Touch running iOS 4.5 and use the Manager to listen to music through my bedside radio going to sleep as well as listening to Spanish dialog courses in the car when I'm alone.

Some time ago Apple on an iOS update removed the ability to access the Manager and after I emailed Tim Cook replaced it within 2-4 weeks. Without the Manager, I'd never be able to use this device. I now depend on it and CopyTrans so much. Thanks.

Created February 9, 2019