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btw your app is very good alternative to iTunes, thank you for your hard work

Created January 26, 2019

when i add an album with more than one artist, it creates multiple albums. it is really tedious to go and edit each song that has two artists. this app is really great but it has some flaws. thanks for freeing me from apple

Created March 26, 2019

After the update, there is an issue where the white part of the album cover looks different. Please modify it to the next update.

Created March 26, 2019

I don't like the current workaround, I want simply insert CD and import my music to iPhone!

Created October 9, 2018

every time I add tracks and update my phone (IphoneX) it deletes the playlist contents on my phone. so I have to rebuild the entire playlist.

I utilize copytrans as a way to add audiobooks. and its frustrating to lose all music playlists just to download a new book.

Created October 13, 2018

An option to switch to an Album view instead of a tracklist

Created October 9, 2018

if you did something wrong you can cancel your last action

Created October 10, 2018

It would be useful if the type (music / audiobook) or genre of an album or all selected tracks could be changed using multi-edit without changing track numbers or anything else.

Created July 11, 2021

Copy-paste them directly from CDs to the device

Created October 9, 2018

When a user adds new songs via CopyTrans, they don't show up under "Recently Added". Please fix this!

Created October 21, 2018

I want to create and manage smart playlists without iTunes

Created October 9, 2018

Instead of black text and white background, white text and dark grey background.

Created September 12, 2019

For example, if you have a playlist already on your iPhone/CopyTrans, and the playlist gets updated at some point. Dragging and dropping the new playlist into CopyTrans shows a "this playlist already exists" dialog. Please add an option to ignore this dialog and always overwrite. This would make it easier to drag and drop/update playlists all at once instead of clicking yes 100 times.

Created January 9, 2019

I like my music library looking as professional as possible (as in I make sure to edit everything to make it look like I bought every song on iTunes). However, Apple now does the thing where explicit songs are tagged with an E. Can we have an function?

Created November 15, 2018
Created October 9, 2018

iTunes let users add functionality of 'Remember Position' to mp3 files.

This is VERY useful for AUDIOBOOKS so you do NOT have to remember the position of the last playback position.

Imagine if the file is 1 hours long and you're currently on 0:22:00 minutes.

WITHOUT that functionality, the file is RESET EVERY TIME BACK TO 0:00 AT THE BEGINNING!



Created November 13, 2018

2 things - there should be a way to specify the sort order. e.g. Album, artist, title (major to minor order or reverse). Second, you should be able to update the iPhone once you do the sorting. Now, you can only update your phone if you add or delete a track.

Great product! I've recommended it to many people.

Created December 11, 2018

specs: iphone 13 pro, ios 16.4.1

great program but a very annoying issue has come up recently: albums covers have not been syncing correctly and will instead pull a random cover from an album i've added to my phone earlier. manually changing it in CTM does not work.

Created May 16, 2023