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Whenever I try to get past the user guide screen, everything goes grey and I can't click anything. Fix Please.

Created June 1, 2023

It keeps coming up with they are read only so I can't delete them bought this is it hasn't worked

Created June 3, 2023
Created December 27, 2019


Created October 27, 2020

Just to say Thanks

Created November 10, 2020

I have a new iphone and I want to transfer music from a previous iphone.

Created August 13, 2019

Please add option to configure font size of the app. It is small on hiDPI displays...

Created January 9, 2020
Created November 17, 2020
Created November 17, 2020

App worked fine for me but I wanted to make the audio from my computer into a text tone but it only had the option to become a ringtone.

Created July 9, 2021
Created October 12, 2018

If you offer dark mode it will make a fantastic product perfect!

Created January 15, 2022

when we have a song open, it would be ice to have an option to hit next to make changes to as many songs we want to in a row, instead of hitting apply then opening up the next song, waiting for the edit to open up, apply then refresh. It would surely be less time consuming!

Created February 11, 2019

Copy Trans Manager doesn't detect connected iPad Air 1 and later models , but does detect iPad 2?

Created February 11, 2019

Amazon's Audible books can be imported to Itunes by the Audible app. I can play them in Itunes, but I'm having

trouble loading the books onto my IPod with your app.

Created June 7, 2020

I can not...repeat. can NOT add a 6 second clip to my iPhone using copytrans....first it won't recognize an .aac file 2nd, the program simply will NOT import my clip nor can I drag & drop...this is totally frustrating & I'm ready to set fire to this machine!

Created February 12, 2019

Can you have an option to create a playlist with the files already on the device (IPOD) with having to copy the files again from the source so you won't end up with duplicate files on your device. Vey annoying ;-)

Created July 30, 2022