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When I upload my mp3 files from my desktop to CopyTrans in the ipod music library, the transport is just fine. But when I try to play my music on the app or on my device it will not play. It reads "Not available." I am unable to listen to my music on this app much less update my device music library. I have to download more software in hopes that it will play my music and that's only on the app. I still can't play my music on my device afterwards. It just skips over to the next track. I have music downloads from iTunes, but I also have music files from other places. There needs to be a way we can just upload or drag all our mp3 files over and not have any issues when we try to play it. On the app or on our devices. I use to be able to drag over any mp3 to my iTunes library without any problem. Now with the changes I'm relying on other applications to get the job done. Having to go through multiple steps after step just to be able to listen to our playlist is very frustrating. I believe this app has great potential in solving our problems. For the love of music, PLEASE work on getting these minor issues resolved!

Created June 29, 2022

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Hi there! Could you please send your request over to our Support Team at They'll sort it out!

Posted June 29, 2022