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Album art takes up a lot of room. Removing them can open up useful space.

Created July 13, 2019

is looking for drivers for IOS14, requests that the latest version of itunes be installed, but it already is

Created September 22, 2020
Created December 6, 2019

fix the grayed out playlist issue. I have a playlist that is gray and I can't edit or delete the playlist or tracks

Created December 12, 2022

Can you allow us to edit the sorting because, for some reason, my music's not in the recently added sort? If I add any music, it will go to the bottom even if I'm sorting it by recently added. In iTunes, if I sort it by recently added, it will show at the top

Created September 19, 2022
Created December 25, 2021

Cannot connect to iphone with iOS14.0.1

Created September 26, 2020

Please fix this bug. Before the update, I never had an issue like this. I love this app. I use it like everyday to update my iPod-- yes, I'm old school. I love the beauty of finding music on my own and putting it on my iPod, still.

Created March 26, 2019

Since updating the software on my iphone, CopyTrans Manager doesn"t work.

Any ideas to solve this as yours is a great programme

Created January 13, 2019

Give us the option to organise our folders in chronical order from status bar as normal windows user would?

Avoids the agony to search for something so simple and what should have been designed in properly in the first place.

You getting there…But not quite yet…..Thank You

Created September 29, 2020

Since iTunes has supported wireless syncing for some time, this would be a very good feature to add.

Created May 28, 2021

I have a slow internet connection, one of the app's I use has 300 gig of data in it. I lose this everytime I get a new phone. Appple's backup doesn't save this. I purchased your software thinking it would save the data. When I did a backup, it deleted the data instead of backing it up, not happy at all. Unless you can show me that I made a mistake and your software does back up the data, please refund my money.

Created April 14, 2022
Created January 14, 2019

When I click a the small arrow, the titles should be sorted, but it doesn't. Thanks

Created July 22, 2019

I can see that something new has been added, but it won't show up under album title, or artist...or ANYwhere!! Real disappointment! I got rid of iTunes because of its arcane location system.......added a couple things which I was able to several days and tries later...any tips???

Created December 12, 2019
  1. Every time I start CopyTrans Manager, I have to get up and manually disconnect my iPod 7G and reconnect the USB cable. This gets to be tedious.
  2. The metatag Consolidation tool in Settings needs some kind of progress indicator - "it might take 15 minutes" is not good enough.
Created May 28, 2021

What about FLAC files????

Is it that hard to allow .flac extension???

Created July 24, 2019