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not recognise under win 7

Created August 3, 2019

Hi, I am in the process of moving from a set of local tracks to streaming (Apple Music). I however miss the list of all tracks I have on my iPod. It would be nice if CopyTrans could export the tracks names & album names so I can import them afterwards in the new system without having to turn to my old device. Thanks.

Created April 24, 2022

usually when I add song to iPhone, sorting all songs by Recently Added would show me new song at the top of the list. But using CopyTrans Manager, the songs shows at the bottom of the list. It would be great to have them on top, so I can play them easily.

Created May 22, 2020

Hi, There is no ringtone part. I downloaded this program to make ringtones easyly but it is not contain

Created August 8, 2019
Created May 25, 2020

iphone 7,8,9,10 test and it works to copy trans music but not for ipone 13.pc finds my phone but copy trans say error

Created October 1, 2022

This option will be helpful to find lost records

Created January 9, 2020

Need an option to copy the albums in their entirety regardless if a tracks exists in a different album, the albums copied need to be complete. Not with various tracks missing because they exist somewhere else thanks

Created July 19, 2022

Im not sure if its a copytrans problem or a steve jobs shoving massive amounts of cock in his mouth in hell problem but mp3 tracks keep displaying 00:00 for time when i transfer them.

Created April 29, 2022

Make the importing process quicker it takes too long even on different laptops with my i-devie which has hardly any tracks on it takes like 30 mins to load

Created November 22, 2020

Support podcasts already!!!

Created November 23, 2020
Created August 19, 2019