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I have some playlists on my phone that were created with iTunes, and I can find no way to add tracks to these or change the order of any songs on these previously-made playlists. I can edit playlists created in CopyTrans, but not ones that already existed. This is really inefficient!

Created October 18, 2023

Would like to see the player open already on the main layout without having to open a box to see it.

Thank you.

Created May 26, 2019

We should be able to throw waves and MP3s in your software so it will convert it to .m4r and .aac so that your software will upload ringtones to our phones as well as music.

Created July 30, 2020

When choosing "Delete" it asks to permanently remove the song. It is unclear if this means from the list to be updated or from the harddrive.

Created March 13, 2019

I have trouble connecting to the Apple Store for updates and now CopyTrans can not update my Ipod.

Created March 8, 2021

I like CopyTrans Manager but find it irritating that after I have used it I find an icon placed on my desktop for CopyTrans Helper. I don't want it or need it but I cannot find a way to stop it happening. It's bloody irritating.

Created March 7, 2020

When I first downloaded this it worked great. Now I'm trying to download new songs but it just gives it a 0:00 duration. I use a MP3 converter the same one I was using before, but now it wont work?

Created October 29, 2021

When I Change Artist Info It Updates Half Of My Music

Created March 16, 2019

please change setting

anytime I transfer a music file to my Iphone 12 pro max , song Art work changes to a totally diferent song.

few versions before had same problem but was fixed , it seems it surfaced with newer version. !!!??

Created March 22, 2021

I'm very happy that i can upload videos from my pc to the iphone and the ipad. CopyTrans advantages over 10 years of experience in bridging the gap between iPhone and Windows. This is a great achievement and the software is free. Stephen Curry is a phenomenal basketball player. Wow! I wish you good luck and success in your life. René from Basel/Switzerland

Created June 13, 2022

אני לא מצליחה להעביר למכשיר האייפון שלי דגם 13 פרו גרסה 15.0 דרך המנג'ר,

יש קופיטראנס עם שדרוג לגרסה החדשה???

Created November 7, 2021

it would be great if you could see in which playlist a song is. I have a lot of playlists and every time I search for a song I can only see the position #, but not in which playlist the song is. It would be a really helpful addition

Created November 30, 2018

It would be helpful if one could get an entire list of all songs on their device, perhaps to be exported to a spreadsheet format. Just a thought. Thanks

Created March 27, 2022

Recently when updating the cover art the app picks a random one already on the ipod and never the same album. This is a new phenomenon and very frustrating. Any ideas?

Created November 11, 2021

I do not use iTunes, etc. . . all my music comes from Youtube, and onto my computer with the use of a converter to MP3. When I transfer the music to my devise (using CopyTrans Manager), as much as I may try, I frequently get different volume levels in songs which require me to change the volume on my devise during playback. 

Created December 1, 2018

I organize my playlists by folder in iTunes, but CopyTrans just shows all playlists mixed together.

Created March 12, 2020

how about uploading music to my iphone! Instead of creating SO many play lists, also can we have an option to find and delete duplicates! Thanx

Created November 8, 2019

I already placed the lyrics but when I update my phone the lyrics does not appear.

Created August 16, 2020