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Love your app except wish it had a more intuitive feel, instead of having to look for the +Add button on the right, show the folder Explorer like view of the C drive on the left (so we can see and expand the Music folder on our PC and keep it open) where you show Categories and Playlists below it, that would make for a natural left to right (top to bottom) work flow of moving files from your computer to the iphone

Created October 20, 2018

Hey there, for some reason there are certain MP3's that I can drag in to copytrans, but when I update the iphone they do not show up on the iphone..Help?

Created February 13, 2019

Example; 2,053 mp3 music files in source folder. In CopyTrans 2,050 mp3 music files. CopyTrans does not show duplicates. No duplicates in source folder. What two mp3's are not loaded? There should be a way to compare. Such as being able to create a .cvs .xls file using the original file name within CopyTrans. Can already do so within the windows music folder. That way can compare side by side in excel. Or is there another way?

Created September 18, 2023

I had to rearrange a playlist, but the app didn't give me the option to update afterwards!

Created June 14, 2020

In iTunes, it is possible to load a custom EQ setting for a song. However when one migrates over to CopyTrans, there is no setting for this, so if the user would like to change the EQ setting of a song, he can't do it without opening another program.

I think as a feature suggestion, this should be allowed. Maybe it should be the iTunes EQ setting, or one should be able to change the EQ with a high level of detail, with a user-definable amount of sliders.

Created October 21, 2018

Typically when you add a song it gets placed at the bottom. There should be an option that lets you go to the top.

Created December 16, 2020

Recently every track that I transfer over to my iphone using copytrans has incorrect album art and even when i manually replace the album art on the program itself, once i update, the album art is wrong again...

Created August 10, 2021

I loaded my iPhone with several videos using CopyTrans. Those videos were deleted from my computer. Now, I would like to get copies from the phone but cannot find a way to do that using the software. Thanks!

Created February 14, 2019

Removing a song doesn't actually remove the song.

Created August 14, 2021

Everything else on the pc see's my phone when it's connected, but not Copytrans. It used to work a treat but not now. Awesome considering that's the reason I bought it.

Created January 29, 2022

App deleted my ringtones that I had on my phone. Only the ones I added with the app remained. Now I have to go on a downloading spree to get more.

Created May 13, 2022
Created August 17, 2021
Created December 18, 2020

First of all, I love this app! My iPod usually works well with it. However, it seems to have lost the ability to find album art. And, some of the art that was previously on my iPod disappeared after an update! Now, I have tons of albums with no images, which is frustrating. Please fix whatever is going on with the art search feature!

Created June 19, 2020

Be able to sort songs in a playlist by artist / album / song title. I understand you can reorder songs by dragging them, but when you have hundreds of songs in a playlist, this is incredibly tedious

Created December 19, 2020
I offer a suggestion for future updates to the CopyTrans Manager program. Please include a way to set crossfading between tracks. Why do I suggest this feature? Crossfading cannot be set inside the iPod itself; the feature has to be managed by the iTunes program. I do not want to install iTunes into my PC just to change this setting. Of course I have no idea how iTunes does this, but there has to be a way of programming the connected iPod to crossfade tracks by a certain length of time, say three seconds.
Hopefully you can implement this important feature into your next version of CopyTrans Manager.
Created February 2, 2022

CopyTrans is not opening when I click on START. However, the FEEDBACK option seems active and waiting for me to do something. I don't want to leave feedback, right now; I just want to transfer some files. Why don't you allow me to opt out of FEEDBACK anytime that I want to do so.

Created May 14, 2022

iPhone always gets recognized as "IPhone Unknown", Artworks are mixed up all the time, even when trying to change them manually, the Music App just reuses other artworks from other albums. Frustrating.

Created December 20, 2020