Make paylist names that begin with numbers show up on the iPhone at the top of the list the way they do in CopyTrans Manager....

I've been using CopyTrans Manager for perhaps 10 years now, and have always been frustrated that I cannot manage my Playlists properly using it because there is no way to get the lists to show up on my iPhone the same way they show up in the playlist editor.

While playlists with names that begin with numbers show up at the top of the playlist and automatically organize themselves in ascending order, names starting with number start AFTER names that are alphabetical. So, although names prefixed with numbers (01. - <name>, 02 - <name> ., 03. - <name>, etc.) show up at the top of the list in order in CopyTrans Manager, they are not found at the top of the list on the iPhone, but below any playlist names that start with letters.

Equally as frustrating, if one begins prefixing their playlist names with letters (a <name>, a <name>, a <name>, b <name> b<name>, c <name>, etc.) if any additional characters are used for sorting purposes (aa <name>, aa <name>, b <name> ba <name>, bb <name>, etc.) one begins to lose valuable character space simply attempting to sort their playlists and keep them in the desired order.

There is no easily available reference to know the heirarchy of symbols, to know where they might show up in CopyTrans Manager, or any way of knowing if that order will be what actually shows up on the iPhone, which makes this aspect of CopyTrans Manager, the sorting and maintaining of the order of ones playlists very difficult and somewhat frustrating.

So, it would be nice if someone would finally address this problem which has existed with the application for so long and make the way the playlist order shows up in CopyTrans Manager the same as it shows up when one views their playlists on their iPhone.


Created March 21, 2019

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