Arrange track order

I LOVE this software for my iPod Classic! Would it be possible to allow arranging the order of tracks? Some albums import with tracks out of sequence.

Created September 2, 2021

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To save your playlist in alphabetical order, you will have to perform a little trick. Please:

1) Open CopyTrans Manager, connect your device and load the music.

2) Create a new playlist - this is where all the tracks with renewed positions will go.

3) Go to the playlist where your tracks are at the moment and sort them by alphabetical order. What you will probable see is that the tracks will appear in the right order, but the numbers in the "pos" (position) column will be all jumbled up.

4) Select all the tracks in the right order and drag and drop them to the new playlist. You will see that both the positions and the sorting are now correct.

If you have any other questions, please email us at and we will be happy to help.

Posted September 6, 2021