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One of the most useful programs!

The absolutely best way to add and remove music and playlists from the iPhone! Thanks! Has already saved me many hours.

Created January 20, 2019
Created January 14, 2019

should be better interface

Created January 14, 2019

Since updating the software on my iphone, CopyTrans Manager doesn"t work.

Any ideas to solve this as yours is a great programme

Created January 13, 2019

For example, if you have a playlist already on your iPhone/CopyTrans, and the playlist gets updated at some point. Dragging and dropping the new playlist into CopyTrans shows a "this playlist already exists" dialog. Please add an option to ignore this dialog and always overwrite. This would make it easier to drag and drop/update playlists all at once instead of clicking yes 100 times.

Created January 9, 2019

Any plans to add DLNA capability to your product?

Created January 7, 2019

im new with this ...and hope I can upload music to my ipod nano 3rd generation from my computer.

Created January 3, 2019

2 things - there should be a way to specify the sort order. e.g. Album, artist, title (major to minor order or reverse). Second, you should be able to update the iPhone once you do the sorting. Now, you can only update your phone if you add or delete a track.

Great product! I've recommended it to many people.

Created December 11, 2018

sometimes there is more than one track of the same title. Without knowing which playlist each is in (easily) you don't know which one to delete.

Created December 11, 2018

Such as, acoustic setting, the volume you want set on my Ipod Classic, the set time for the song to begin and end. I don't find these features in Copytrans Manager. I am a performer with karaoke music and guitar, so I use these features all the time, but I don't really want to remain with Itunes if possible. Please send a reply that this has been received to

Created December 7, 2018

I do not use iTunes, etc. . . all my music comes from Youtube, and onto my computer with the use of a converter to MP3. When I transfer the music to my devise (using CopyTrans Manager), as much as I may try, I frequently get different volume levels in songs which require me to change the volume on my devise during playback. 

Created December 1, 2018

it would be great if you could see in which playlist a song is. I have a lot of playlists and every time I search for a song I can only see the position #, but not in which playlist the song is. It would be a really helpful addition

Created November 30, 2018

Create Playlists that change based on certain fields. "Top 100 Most Played" could always sort by Play Count. "Oldest" could always sort by Date Last Played (so you can keep your playlists fresh.) Not sure if this is even possible.

Created November 17, 2018

I like my music library looking as professional as possible (as in I make sure to edit everything to make it look like I bought every song on iTunes). However, Apple now does the thing where explicit songs are tagged with an E. Can we have an function?

Created November 15, 2018