Speed up "adding tracks to playlist" stage

If I click the "Add" button and select a directory with many tracks, the software seems to do a huge amount of work. I don't know what it is doing but it takes maybe 5 minutes to add about 200 tracks. It is an amount of slow work that I associate with, say, copying the files from one disk to another. However what is it actually doing during the "adding" stage? It is not clear. Really all the software should do is to inspect the file system and create a list of titles. I expect that to take a few seconds even if there are hundreds of files. OK so what is going on here. Perhaps if you explain to users what the software is doing and why it needs to take so long "adding" it will make sense.

Created April 7, 2019

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At some point, I believe it was fixed in an earlier version…then after one of the updates…it started happening again. I usually end up blowing up the program and drag/dropping the files directly from Windows Explorer…which is not what I want to do.

Posted July 24, 2019