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All the mp3 files i currently try to transfer from CopyTrans to Iphone gives them a 0:00 time duration, so they cannot be played.

Created October 12, 2021

I have an ipod classic that I formatted (now empty). I would like to add my itunes library to it. I can't figure it out.

Created October 6, 2021

Guys you saved us from itunes you are perfect thank you so much :).

Created October 3, 2021

can you save a playlist to transfer to a new iphone?

Created September 26, 2021

You need to Update CopyTrans for iOS 15. It's sluggish and barely able to read, transfer and drag n drop files in the iPhone 13 models.

Created September 24, 2021


J'utilise mon vieux 4s comme iPod, je voudrait pouvoir mettre ma musique avec copytrans hélas le programme ne le détecte pas ou plus prcisément demade l'instalation des drivers iOS ce que j'ai fait, redémarrage du pc, instal d'iTunes ... désinstal de "Manager et instal d'une ancienne version, rien n'y fait je suis descendu à la version de 2011

y a-t-il une solution?

Created September 6, 2021

I LOVE this software for my iPod Classic! Would it be possible to allow arranging the order of tracks? Some albums import with tracks out of sequence.

Created September 2, 2021

After the last update, it stopped working altogether. Before that, it worked when it felt like it. How about making it so it works every time, if you can be bothered?

Created August 30, 2021
Created August 17, 2021

Removing a song doesn't actually remove the song.

Created August 14, 2021

Recently every track that I transfer over to my iphone using copytrans has incorrect album art and even when i manually replace the album art on the program itself, once i update, the album art is wrong again...

Created August 10, 2021

The font on the list of songs, albums etc, displayed in the program is way to small for me. Can this be adjusted??

Created July 22, 2021

I can't even get itunes to open up, so my suggestion is what do I do if itunes doesn't open?????

Created July 22, 2021

When I open the main view of 'CopyTrans Manager', I see a few windows to choose "Genres","Artists" and "Albums".

Please add the choice of "Composers" since I often listen to classical music.

It might be much convenient if users can choose these small windows up to his/her tastes.

Created July 11, 2021

It would be useful if the type (music / audiobook) or genre of an album or all selected tracks could be changed using multi-edit without changing track numbers or anything else.

Created July 11, 2021

App worked fine for me but I wanted to make the audio from my computer into a text tone but it only had the option to become a ringtone.

Created July 9, 2021

i love copy trans manager this is one of the best programs that i know for iphone, but one thing that i would like its just to make it more faster when we use it, like if i connect the cable to my laptop and i wanna use the copy trans manager it takes like 60 seconds to show the playlist that i have on my iphone, anywas i love this programm so all the best.

Created June 6, 2021