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List of ideas

These 3 things can be done in even old e.g. 2015 or older iTunes but not in CopyTrans. Two can be done in older free SharePod. All are really essential for listening to e.g. podcasts/speech files.

Add ability to set:

(i) Type (e.g. Audiobook) and

(ii) Remember position

- can both be set in SharePod 3.9.9 but seemingly not in Copytrans Manager;

(iii) specify volume level for one or more tracks - can be set in iTunes but it seems, not in either SharePod or in Copytrans Manager.

iTunes has been a major headache in Windows 10 so will resort to using it under Windows 7 which works fine and maybe try a Linux alternative when dual-boot instal is done of e.g. Ubuntu Mate.

Created September 11, 2022

My iPhone fell asleep while I was away from my desk. When I returned I turned my phone back on but copytrans manager does not recognize it anymore. I uninstalled the program. I went back on the internet to redownload it. Although, I'm still having that problem! Please help!

Created September 9, 2022
Created August 20, 2022

I'm a 1st time user and the install went well on my Win10Pro laptop. Next I selected a prepared folder of music and clicked "+ADD" for about 900 mb of files to be added to my old iPod Shuffle 2nd gen. After seeing the files added to the program windows very quickly (too quickly in my experience to have been a real copy of the files to the iPod), there was no confirmation of completion. Suspecting files hadn't in fact been copied, I went to the iPod folder and saw no files on drive. So, the "+ADD" button is only for selecting files, not selecting and copying, as some programs of this type might do. With the "UPDATE" button far to the left, it appears disconnected to the add/copy function. Normally, logic for a program process "update" in this case is for rescanning a device to look for changes, not APPLYING them. I think this should be clarified by a message like: "Your files have all been selected. Click UPDATE to copy those files to the device", or some other assist to the user as to where we are in the process.

2nd item: once I figured out the update issue, the progress bar(s) began working. However, the window showed no changes or indicated what files were being or had been worked on. A common way of doing this is for the file in process to be highlighted, the file to be named, a blinker next to the file or some other indication or combination of them. Further, files that have been completed often change to another color, either by font color change or by a line highlight that stays activated though the rest of the copy process. EAC's (Exact Audio Copy) progress indicator is a good example of this. I haven't yet uncovered a setting to do this. Further, if the user wished for some reason to terminate the process early (time crunch, change of mind about the playlist, etc....), this would allow some idea of what had been done if a specific minimum work was desired without restarting the whole process and/or wasting more time. I hope you will allow this feature to add more transparency to the workings of the program.

Thank you!

Created August 16, 2022

Can you have an option to create a playlist with the files already on the device (IPOD) with having to copy the files again from the source so you won't end up with duplicate files on your device. Vey annoying ;-)

Created July 30, 2022

Need an option to copy the albums in their entirety regardless if a tracks exists in a different album, the albums copied need to be complete. Not with various tracks missing because they exist somewhere else thanks

Created July 19, 2022

When I upload my mp3 files from my desktop to CopyTrans in the ipod music library, the transport is just fine. But when I try to play my music on the app or on my device it will not play. It reads "Not available." I am unable to listen to my music on this app much less update my device music library. I have to download more software in hopes that it will play my music and that's only on the app. I still can't play my music on my device afterwards. It just skips over to the next track. I have music downloads from iTunes, but I also have music files from other places. There needs to be a way we can just upload or drag all our mp3 files over and not have any issues when we try to play it. On the app or on our devices. I use to be able to drag over any mp3 to my iTunes library without any problem. Now with the changes I'm relying on other applications to get the job done. Having to go through multiple steps after step just to be able to listen to our playlist is very frustrating. I believe this app has great potential in solving our problems. For the love of music, PLEASE work on getting these minor issues resolved!

Created June 29, 2022

I'm very happy that i can upload videos from my pc to the iphone and the ipad. CopyTrans advantages over 10 years of experience in bridging the gap between iPhone and Windows. This is a great achievement and the software is free. Stephen Curry is a phenomenal basketball player. Wow! I wish you good luck and success in your life. René from Basel/Switzerland

Created June 13, 2022

I have attempted multiple time to use with new phone and was unable to use. Now I'm forced to use a different program. I'm trying to transfer music from the computer and the Copy Trans Manager does not see the phone even though the computer sees it.

Created May 31, 2022

Sometimes when you add a new selection of tracks into a playlist in Copy Trans Manager they aren't added in the same order they were in the original folder - sometimes the order is important. It would be great if you could sort a playlist (say by track number) and then be able to reset the Pos number to reflect the current order of the playlist. That way when its uploaded to iphone it plays everything correctly.

Created May 24, 2022

I have 28gb of storage available on my iPhone but copy trans manager only shows 1.5gb free. Please help to fix this problem.

Created May 18, 2022

CopyTrans is not opening when I click on START. However, the FEEDBACK option seems active and waiting for me to do something. I don't want to leave feedback, right now; I just want to transfer some files. Why don't you allow me to opt out of FEEDBACK anytime that I want to do so.

Created May 14, 2022

I use iphone7 and when I sync music to my phone the album cover photo change to another one please fix it

Created May 14, 2022

App deleted my ringtones that I had on my phone. Only the ones I added with the app remained. Now I have to go on a downloading spree to get more.

Created May 13, 2022

Im not sure if its a copytrans problem or a steve jobs shoving massive amounts of cock in his mouth in hell problem but mp3 tracks keep displaying 00:00 for time when i transfer them.

Created April 29, 2022

Hi, I am in the process of moving from a set of local tracks to streaming (Apple Music). I however miss the list of all tracks I have on my iPod. It would be nice if CopyTrans could export the tracks names & album names so I can import them afterwards in the new system without having to turn to my old device. Thanks.

Created April 24, 2022

I have a slow internet connection, one of the app's I use has 300 gig of data in it. I lose this everytime I get a new phone. Appple's backup doesn't save this. I purchased your software thinking it would save the data. When I did a backup, it deleted the data instead of backing it up, not happy at all. Unless you can show me that I made a mistake and your software does back up the data, please refund my money.

Created April 14, 2022