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This is ridiculous. I just opened the program and since Ringtones are the only things on my iPhone right now, Copy Trans assumes EVERYTHING I put in is a ringtone. There are no instructions that I can find for creating a new category and dragging my music into it from my computer.

Created January 24, 2023

It says I can move music from my PC to my iPhone. BUT, the only thing that pops up is my iPhone music. NO PC STUFF. Not liking this program

Created January 20, 2023

You have become so bad through the years since I've been using Copytrans Manager. It messed up my playlist so badly, I'm done with you guys.

Created December 27, 2022

fix the grayed out playlist issue. I have a playlist that is gray and I can't edit or delete the playlist or tracks

Created December 12, 2022

Have been using the program for years but for some reason the music manager doesn't display the music on my iphone anymore. It does seem to register the phone though. Re-installing the program hasn't helped.

Created December 5, 2022

Since the update, every time I try to save new songs onto my iPod, once I click 'Update', it deletes whatever I added as if I never did anything at all, so I can't add anything new into the iPod. What is going on?

Created December 4, 2022

Can't synch iPod Shuffle players. My 4th generation units are never recognized by the software!

Created November 30, 2022

I have just used you manager after installing your latest update, and fingers crossed my artwork does not now seem to be muddled as it was before.

As someone who is partially sighted find your whole screen so glaring and bright to use, with the white background and the feint writing it really is a strain to see and do what i want.  Could you please not do say a dark version or skin ? which won't wreck what’s left of my eyesight.


Created October 31, 2022

I have been using your manager for a long time, but i find it hurts my eyes trying to read your fient writing with the white background. i am partially sighted which also does not help, so please please can you make it so we have a dark background instead of the glaring white !!!

Created October 30, 2022

iphone 7,8,9,10 test and it works to copy trans music but not for ipone 13.pc finds my phone but copy trans say error

Created October 1, 2022

I have an iphone 7 and I just purchased an iphone 14 Pro. I want to transfer all my music from my iphone7 to my new iphone 14. Is that possible using the CopyTrans Manager that I currently have or is it not possible?

Created September 25, 2022

Can you allow us to edit the sorting because, for some reason, my music's not in the recently added sort? If I add any music, it will go to the bottom even if I'm sorting it by recently added. In iTunes, if I sort it by recently added, it will show at the top

Created September 19, 2022

This is more like a flaw, something thats missing. Here: Open CopyTransManager, and I want to find out if I have a song in there. In the search box, I enter the word "tiger" and it finds it in 3 locations. WHAT YOU DO NOT TELL ME IS THE NAME OF THE PLAYLIST each of these 3 songs have been found int. Now I know I have the song that has "tiger" in its title 3 time,s but I have no idea which playlist each of them are in. See if you can fix it.

Created September 18, 2022

These 3 things can be done in even old e.g. 2015 or older iTunes but not in CopyTrans. Two can be done in older free SharePod. All are really essential for listening to e.g. podcasts/speech files.

Add ability to set:

(i) Type (e.g. Audiobook) and

(ii) Remember position

- can both be set in SharePod 3.9.9 but seemingly not in Copytrans Manager;

(iii) specify volume level for one or more tracks - can be set in iTunes but it seems, not in either SharePod or in Copytrans Manager.

iTunes has been a major headache in Windows 10 so will resort to using it under Windows 7 which works fine and maybe try a Linux alternative when dual-boot instal is done of e.g. Ubuntu Mate.

Created September 11, 2022

My iPhone fell asleep while I was away from my desk. When I returned I turned my phone back on but copytrans manager does not recognize it anymore. I uninstalled the program. I went back on the internet to redownload it. Although, I'm still having that problem! Please help!

Created September 9, 2022