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I offer a suggestion for future updates to the CopyTrans Manager program. Please include a way to set crossfading between tracks. Why do I suggest this feature? Crossfading cannot be set inside the iPod itself; the feature has to be managed by the iTunes program. I do not want to install iTunes into my PC just to change this setting. Of course I have no idea how iTunes does this, but there has to be a way of programming the connected iPod to crossfade tracks by a certain length of time, say three seconds.
Hopefully you can implement this important feature into your next version of CopyTrans Manager.
Created February 2, 2022

Everything else on the pc see's my phone when it's connected, but not Copytrans. It used to work a treat but not now. Awesome considering that's the reason I bought it.

Created January 29, 2022

The ability to remove duplicate songs on the iPod.

Created January 20, 2022

If you offer dark mode it will make a fantastic product perfect!

Created January 15, 2022
Created December 25, 2021

It's not really an idea, but more like a major concern/question. I've been using Copy Trans for quite some time now. Lately every time i connect one of my ipod nanos to add or rearrange music, after I'm finished and eject my ipod it says there's "No Songs" on it. But if I reconnect it all the songs on my computer screen along with any changes I've made. "It doesn't make any sense" (And this happened to 3 of my ipods) so, it's not me disconnecting my ipod wrong.

Created December 21, 2021

After the first playlist, the app failed to copy songs to the app and the iPhone.

Created December 21, 2021

I want to import some new cd's #christmas but I'm playing music from my (oldskool cable-)iPod right now. So I just want to sync with the ipod later tonight but that's not possible (if im not mistaken). Would be great to import music while not-connected.

Created December 20, 2021

Hvordan man kan downloade film fordi at jeg ikke gider at bruge penge på at købe Netflix for en film men ellers er din app fantastisk

Created December 17, 2021

I don’t need a playlist created, need an option to stop these being. Rested


Created December 3, 2021

If tracks already exist give the option to change the genre to the same as tracks being added

copytrans won’t let me add tracks that already exist, but if the genre is different either add the option to allow tracks to be added regardless or change the genre of existing tracks to match those being added

Created December 3, 2021

Allow tracks to be added with a new album even if tracks already exist elsewhere 

I want to add some new albums but some of the tracks exist on other albums so the message”tracks not added” appears, the tracks I am adding have a different genre, so need to be added again

suggest adding option to the message

add tracks even if already exist elsewhere

can’t believe this isn’t already an option


Created December 3, 2021

Not sure when it stopped working, but on both my previous phone, and current phone, songs I delete suddenly reappear in my music library. Would be pretty cool if they could stay deleted...

Created November 30, 2021

have an option to disable creating playlists

Created November 29, 2021

All my tracks from iTunes came without the lyrics.

Created November 21, 2021

Fix the Cover Art problem

Created November 20, 2021