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Hvordan man kan downloade film fordi at jeg ikke gider at bruge penge på at købe Netflix for en film men ellers er din app fantastisk

Created December 17, 2021

I don’t need a playlist created, need an option to stop these being. Rested


Created December 3, 2021

If tracks already exist give the option to change the genre to the same as tracks being added

copytrans won’t let me add tracks that already exist, but if the genre is different either add the option to allow tracks to be added regardless or change the genre of existing tracks to match those being added

Created December 3, 2021

Allow tracks to be added with a new album even if tracks already exist elsewhere 

I want to add some new albums but some of the tracks exist on other albums so the message”tracks not added” appears, the tracks I am adding have a different genre, so need to be added again

suggest adding option to the message

add tracks even if already exist elsewhere

can’t believe this isn’t already an option


Created December 3, 2021

Not sure when it stopped working, but on both my previous phone, and current phone, songs I delete suddenly reappear in my music library. Would be pretty cool if they could stay deleted...

Created November 30, 2021

have an option to disable creating playlists

Created November 29, 2021

All my tracks from iTunes came without the lyrics.

Created November 21, 2021

Fix the Cover Art problem

Created November 20, 2021

Option to export artist albums tracks to excel in CSV format Col A artist Col B Album names Col C tracks

Created November 19, 2021

If I understand correctly, in the free version podcasts can be edited and deleted but not added, even by dragging a file. Is there a paid version which allows this and if would be much appreciated.

Created November 18, 2021

Export text file or preferably a CSV file of the albums artists and tracks....this would be a great way using EXCEL to display what's on the Ipod thanks

Created November 15, 2021

ive tried diffrent codec tweaking to change the mp3 format to something more recognizable but it doesnt really work some songs work and some others dont help me out please

Created November 15, 2021

Recently when updating the cover art the app picks a random one already on the ipod and never the same album. This is a new phenomenon and very frustrating. Any ideas?

Created November 11, 2021

אני לא מצליחה להעביר למכשיר האייפון שלי דגם 13 פרו גרסה 15.0 דרך המנג'ר,

יש קופיטראנס עם שדרוג לגרסה החדשה???

Created November 7, 2021

I'd like to be able to put podcasts into the right place. It's not essential, but it makes organization easier. Thanks so much for this software. Half the time, iTunes doesn't detect my iPod. Or it freezes. It's such a terrible, frustrating piece of junk. CopyTrans is my savior (in an audio rather than a spiritual sense of course). :)

Created November 5, 2021

When I first downloaded this it worked great. Now I'm trying to download new songs but it just gives it a 0:00 duration. I use a MP3 converter the same one I was using before, but now it wont work?

Created October 29, 2021

After three days of heartbreaking attempts to load my itunes library on to a new ipod , i gave up on iTunes and downloaded your app. Within 15 mins, job done ! Great Work and I really appreciate your work !

Created October 14, 2021