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I'm an older person and not too tech savy. The CopyTrans download was simple. The tutorial was easy to follow and understand. All this made copying my CDs to my computer and putting them onto my ipod a snap. I'm thrilled with the results and more than doubled the content of my ipod. THANK YOU!!! I don't know enough to suggest a feature.

Created February 9, 2020

Would like to get a printout of all my songs on my Ipod. Besides that, fantastic Software. thank you very much. iTunes SUCK!

Created February 5, 2020

I have an iPod photo genration 4 classic. My copytrans software is up to date as of today. When I add music from files on my computer they start being deleted instead of added as the update progresses..

Created February 2, 2020

make it work for windows 10!

download drivers does not solve the missing driver!

Created January 26, 2020

Win 7 64bit on i7 Notebook

No installation of iTunes (that's the idea isn't it?)

Installed Copytrans Drivers

Installed Copytrans Control Centre

Installed Copytrans Manager (through Control Centre)

Now you tell me, did I do something wrong?

Answer? No. The setup you have does not work, simple as that

Just went through the automatic driver installation again - not working - waste of my precious time

Created January 25, 2020

Please add option to configure font size of the app. It is small on hiDPI displays...

Created January 9, 2020

This option will be helpful to find lost records

Created January 9, 2020
Created December 27, 2019

I can see that something new has been added, but it won't show up under album title, or artist...or ANYwhere!! Real disappointment! I got rid of iTunes because of its arcane location system.......added a couple things which I was able to several days and tries later...any tips???

Created December 12, 2019

Thank you for freeing me from iTunes xxxxxxxxxx

Created December 8, 2019
Created December 6, 2019

This is a great alternative to itunes that I've used for quite some time, but it takes some time to boot up. I noticed this app is packed with themida, which is most likely the reason for the slow start.

There's nothing wrong with protecting a product, but be careful not to sacrifice the performance.

Created November 26, 2019

This app is something I've used for a long time since I've had a dislike towards itunes. I just have some small ideas to mention....

~ A dark theme would be nice.

~ The ability to bring music to the pc from an ipod/iphone would be useful. The app is currently only a one-way mode in where music is loaded to.

Created November 26, 2019

I have it installed on my old laptop, to sync music with my old iphone. it always worked. and now suddenly it doesn't? wants me to update to the latest version? why? you broke it for no reason.

Created November 26, 2019

I have an Iphone 8 with latest IOS. When I upload the ringtone, it plays the correct music in Copytrans. When I play it on my iphone, it is a default iphone ringtone and not the actual sound.

Created November 25, 2019

Since the program is not intuitive (like your photo app) have a 'Wizard' option, which asks 'what do you want to do?' then goes through the stages, eg do you want to add a the contents of a folder, to your iPod Browse for folder, and the program would automatically do that. The 'Do you want to add this folder to a playlist?' Choose from list plus new/create. Then do you want to save this to your iPod? Program would do it automatically...

The best way to do this is to watch someone trying to use your program, without helping them at all. Look and see where the sticking points are - it does not matter if they are obvious to you .. are they obvious to the user? ' I.E. apply the 'Granny test'. I realise this one is more awkward than the photos because you have to fit in with the relics of iTunes on the iPod, but I still think you could make it a lot easier?

I am not being rude to grannies . I am an ancient one myself, and I started to write my own programs and web-sites back in 1993, but I still think the best programs should pass the 'Granny test'!

Created November 18, 2019

i added a song then when i pressed update the song disappeared from my playlist

Created November 15, 2019