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Literally, once I add a mp3 file onto my phone, i'll put the correct cover photo on the file and out of nowhere it changes to a completely different cover that I did NOT put on that file!That issue needs to be fixed, NOW. Other than that, I love using CopyTrans Manager.

Created August 28, 2020

When adding music albums to iPad/iPhone, it would be great to have the actual album cover show up, rather than just a white box. In the iTunes app, it automatically downloaded the cover, or gave you the option to find it online. Is this a possibility with this app?

Created August 20, 2020

Brand new iPhone 11, been using the service for years, thanks for the hard work

Created August 19, 2020

I already placed the lyrics but when I update my phone the lyrics does not appear.

Created August 16, 2020

We should be able to throw waves and MP3s in your software so it will convert it to .m4r and .aac so that your software will upload ringtones to our phones as well as music.

Created July 30, 2020

the name on mp3 be like this on the phone


is that some thing you can add in feature ?

Created July 11, 2020

That is fine unless you are replacing many playlists, then you have to click Yes many times. Can you have a Yes To All button added?

Created July 7, 2020

Dark theme would be great, a lot easier on the eyes.

Thanks for the great app.

Created July 3, 2020

Been using you for awhile way before apple decided to kick itunes to the curb. your program is robust, a beast!!! thank you for creating it. Bravo to you ad your team. LKFiler

Created June 25, 2020

First of all, I love this app! My iPod usually works well with it. However, it seems to have lost the ability to find album art. And, some of the art that was previously on my iPod disappeared after an update! Now, I have tons of albums with no images, which is frustrating. Please fix whatever is going on with the art search feature!

Created June 19, 2020

I had to rearrange a playlist, but the app didn't give me the option to update afterwards!

Created June 14, 2020
Created June 13, 2020