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Amazon's Audible books can be imported to Itunes by the Audible app. I can play them in Itunes, but I'm having

trouble loading the books onto my IPod with your app.

Created June 7, 2020
Created May 25, 2020

usually when I add song to iPhone, sorting all songs by Recently Added would show me new song at the top of the list. But using CopyTrans Manager, the songs shows at the bottom of the list. It would be great to have them on top, so I can play them easily.

Created May 22, 2020
Created May 13, 2020

I don't have a suggestion, the app does everything I need quite easily, thanks to the developers !!

Created May 6, 2020

this is a horrible program i used it 2 times and it stopped recognizing my ipod, like bruh i just wanna listen to neutral milk hotel

Created April 25, 2020

Hi I am absolutely loving CopyTrans Manager since discovering it a few years ago and in my opinion is a much better interface than Itunes and not so power hungry. One thing I would like to see if you could add into the program would be if you right click on a song there would be an option to see which playlists it is in. Could this be done? Many thanks Al.

Created April 21, 2020

I have some audio books on my device, but several are sorted under 'Podcasts'.

It would be great if I could change this to 'Audio books', so that I will have all of my audio books in one place.

The drop-down menu (for media types) does not drop down, so I cannot change this now.

Created April 19, 2020

It just says drivers are missing rinstall Itunes or install drivers without itunes.

Created April 14, 2020


Created April 11, 2020

Fix the bug, please. I've installed, re-installed, and re-re-installed, but can't get CopyTrans Manager to work again. It worked on Saturday, then never again. Keeps saying I need to install latest version of CopyTrans Manager, but I have. I'm using without iTunes, and have installed and re-installed the drivers several times. Very frustrating!

Created April 7, 2020

okay so my album covers wont change and they are on the wrong song...

Created March 29, 2020

For example what do the symbols in the "type" column mean? I have a bunch with a red exclamation mark. What does that indicate?

Created March 21, 2020

I organize my playlists by folder in iTunes, but CopyTrans just shows all playlists mixed together.

Created March 12, 2020

I like CopyTrans Manager but find it irritating that after I have used it I find an icon placed on my desktop for CopyTrans Helper. I don't want it or need it but I cannot find a way to stop it happening. It's bloody irritating.

Created March 7, 2020

Bonjour / Bonsoir.

Votre site web est en français mais cette langue n'est pas disponible pour la version V4.100?

Created February 22, 2020

We should be able to sort songs in a playlist by artists, song title, album title, etc. without having to manually drag each song in the playlist. It would take way too long when you have playlists that have 500+ songs

Created February 9, 2020