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iTunes let users add functionality of 'Remember Position' to mp3 files.

This is VERY useful for AUDIOBOOKS so you do NOT have to remember the position of the last playback position.

Imagine if the file is 1 hours long and you're currently on 0:22:00 minutes.

WITHOUT that functionality, the file is RESET EVERY TIME BACK TO 0:00 AT THE BEGINNING!



Created November 13, 2018

All of my music are in MP3 format, about 100 Gb of MP3 music stored in External HDD. I was hoping that I can sort them in Library like in iTune.

All I can do is creating a new Playlist for every album. So I have a Playlist with many many names, and is not in sequence. Hence I am very reluctant to purchase this programme.

Created November 10, 2018
Created November 9, 2018

transfer feature to iPhone player is not user friendly

Created November 6, 2018

I transferred, mp4 file via copytrans to my ipod video 5g it doesn't work. Either tell us if there is a way to install codec in ipod or give us an alternative solution to push converted file in it

Created October 26, 2018

When a user adds new songs via CopyTrans, they don't show up under "Recently Added". Please fix this!

Created October 21, 2018

In iTunes, it is possible to load a custom EQ setting for a song. However when one migrates over to CopyTrans, there is no setting for this, so if the user would like to change the EQ setting of a song, he can't do it without opening another program.

I think as a feature suggestion, this should be allowed. Maybe it should be the iTunes EQ setting, or one should be able to change the EQ with a high level of detail, with a user-definable amount of sliders.

Created October 21, 2018

Love your app except wish it had a more intuitive feel, instead of having to look for the +Add button on the right, show the folder Explorer like view of the C drive on the left (so we can see and expand the Music folder on our PC and keep it open) where you show Categories and Playlists below it, that would make for a natural left to right (top to bottom) work flow of moving files from your computer to the iphone

Created October 20, 2018

every time I add tracks and update my phone (IphoneX) it deletes the playlist contents on my phone. so I have to rebuild the entire playlist.

I utilize copytrans as a way to add audiobooks. and its frustrating to lose all music playlists just to download a new book.

Created October 13, 2018
Created October 12, 2018

if you did something wrong you can cancel your last action

Created October 10, 2018

An option to switch to an Album view instead of a tracklist

Created October 9, 2018

Copy-paste them directly from CDs to the device

Created October 9, 2018

I can't see playlist folders in Manager

Created October 9, 2018

I don't like the current workaround, I want simply insert CD and import my music to iPhone!

Created October 9, 2018

It would be great to be able to delete voice memos from iPhone. Thanks!

Created October 9, 2018
Created October 9, 2018

I want to create and manage smart playlists without iTunes

Created October 9, 2018