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I like the program, just seems to be limited to files about 4.2GBs I have found a workaround, through other programs/ apps. not as elegant, as your product. thanks for the good work.



Created October 1, 2022

Because some of the icons are not clear, it would help to have tool tips appear when hovering over an icon explaining what clicking on it will accomplish.

Created January 24, 2021

Copy trans manager works with ipods, is it possible to make the same thing with filey?

Created February 27, 2021

If one starts a backup to computer of All Files in Filey, and cancels it in the middle, the app crunches on through every remaining file, creating individual red-outlined windows "Failed to copy file <>". This is slow but not terrible, but then those red windows obscure the column headings in All Files, and would require clicking on the "x" 800 times... Consider a summary window instead of individual red windows, or some way to clear all those red windows.

Created March 6, 2021

I can't import file into my Iphone 3gs and my Ipod touch 2g, what's the problem?

Created April 26, 2023

I am going through the process of transferring a book. My Filey s/w shows the book in Marvin, but it is not there on my Ipad. Same thing happens for the Kindle. My copyTrans program doesn't show iBooks for some reason. Please help (

Created November 29, 2022

I added a file with a prefix of 000_xxx and it appears at the top of the list in Filey.

But in the PDF a file with the name AA_500... appears at the top.

It would be nice to be able to control the ordering of the files.

Created May 7, 2021

It only recognizes the cable-connected iPad about 1 out of every 10 times i connect it. Then about 9 out of 10 of those times, it says the iPad is connected, it shows the stats for the iPad (free memory/total memory) but will not display the content on the iPad but only goes back to the opening "Connect a Device" screen. I close, relaunch, close, relaunch, connect, disconnect, connect disconnect until it finally gets running right (sometimes I have to just quit and come back later); once it does get to the point of showing content, it works fine. But it's on the order of 1 out of 100 tries. WiFi is very hit-and-miss, and even when it sees the iPad it still has the problems described. Yikes. Not up to TransCopy standards.. I wish I could go back to the previous app instead of Filey.

Created June 1, 2021

All this P.O.S. does is try to bait me into using Wifi. Iphone is shown but this useless "Filey" (I hope no one got paid for that name), does not access anything. Nice try NWO.

Created April 24, 2022


Created March 26, 2023

I would like the software to be translated fully into Italian language! Moreover, I would like it could be possible to access all root files and files inside every iOS app!

Thank You very much!

Created July 14, 2021