Fix this data harvesting garbage

All this P.O.S. does is try to bait me into using Wifi. Iphone is shown but this useless "Filey" (I hope no one got paid for that name), does not access anything. Nice try NWO.

Created April 24, 2022


The crApp literally has NO options. Only demands to broadcast my data over wifi "WITHOUT A CABLE!". Well guess what vageniuses. We're using cables because we know about data harvesting that you're paid to help facilitate. So HOW DO WE USE IT WITH A CABLE? Did you guys just "accidentally" forget that for something to be an "option" there has to be an alternative provided. You've failed miserably to finish this crApp.

Posted April 24, 2022
Admin commented

Hi there! We're flattered by someone thinking that CopyTrans is a massive corporation capable of storing all the users' data:)

Just untick the 'Use W-Fi' option and use the cable.

Posted April 24, 2022