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Allow grouping of ideas (and merge likes) so the same ideas with different wording can be together❤

Created January 23, 2019

Clicking "Top" or "New" buttons totally reload the page, same when submitting a new suggestion. It should work without full page reload.

Created February 20, 2019
Created January 23, 2019
Created January 23, 2019

Nothing to do with rabbits! Actual things that software teams are likely to come across

Created February 24, 2019

It would be great to add a logo and set the header colour for each project

Created February 24, 2019

Send traffic, new likes, new ideas, new comments weekly by email

Created February 18, 2019

So they can get updates on how the idea's doing (new comments, likes, etc)

Created January 29, 2019

API and webhook possibilities so users can manually integrate with their other platforms. Create some integrations with CRMs like Pipedrive Zoho.

Created March 19, 2019

1 project for free is not enough!

Created March 27, 2019

When a user is typing an idea, automatically search whether the same idea (or similar) has already been posted

Created January 24, 2019

For wordpress, Drupal, Shopify etc

Created March 7, 2019

Subscribe to updates

Created March 20, 2019

something like a Crowdin but for the intire page , maybe it was cool the hole community helps the team to develop traductions

Created February 27, 2019

either that or you provide a self-host version of it.

Created November 12, 2019