Compare CopyTrans with source music folder

Example; 2,053 mp3 music files in source folder. In CopyTrans 2,050 mp3 music files. CopyTrans does not show duplicates. No duplicates in source folder. What two mp3's are not loaded? There should be a way to compare. Such as being able to create a .cvs .xls file using the original file name within CopyTrans. Can already do so within the windows music folder. That way can compare side by side in excel. Or is there another way?

Created September 18, 2023

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Smart backup in CopyTrans will automatically update your previous backup. Please, try to run the backup again in the same folder!

If the issue persists, please reach out to with your log files for support! Here is how to generate them:

We will be glad to help!

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Posted September 18, 2023