I love this program, I have been useing it for years but now i have a terrible PROBLEM, after usin copy trans my ipod classic doesnt recognize music on it

I love this programm, I have been useing it for yearsm but now i have a terrible problem, now when i add music my ipod classic dont recogninize the music <8recognize ass others) and <i have to fo to itune tu recover it so delete all the music.I only can add music with itunes now and I love copytrans. PLEASE HELP

Created February 13, 2022

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Hey there,

Please do the following:

Search for Device manager on your PC -> Universal serial bus devices -> iPod (your device) -> Properties -> Change settings -> Update driver (or Roll back driver) -> Browse -> show drivers on my PC -> Select usb mass storage device (or Apple ipod usb driver).

If the solution above did not help, refer to this troubleshooting guide for iPod corruption errors:


If the issue persists, please email our Support Team at copytrans@copytrans.net with the log files. Here's how to generate them:


Posted February 14, 2022